COLX, CV2 and COL Terms of Service [ToS]


By using this software, you acknowledge and understand Colossuscoin/2.0/XT (COL/CV2/COLX) software is not intended for use in any illegal activity, and that no person or entity associated with creation, development, marketing, or furtherance of Colossuscoin/2.0/XT shall be held responsible for use by any individual, group, or entity that is against the law in their respective jurisdiction.

Colossuscoin/2.0/XT software is an experimental software. There is no guarantee given here. Use it at your own risk.


Under no circumstances will Colossuscoin/2.0/XT be responsible for any loss or damage, including loss of coins, loss of data, damage of software and hardware, personal injury, resulting from anyone's use of Colossuscoin/2.0/XT software or the service, whether online or offline.


This software and the service are provided "As-Is" and Colossuscoin/2.0/XT  makes no warranties of any kind relating to the services and expressly disclaims any and implied warranties, including without limitation the implied warranty of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose or non-infringement. Colossuscoin/2.0/XT cannot guarantee and does not promise any specific results from use of Colossuscoin/2.0/XT and/or the service.