Colossuscoin2.0 has been launched successful on February 08, 2015!

October 14, 2015 Feature update for CV2
New Update:
Please update your Colossuscoin2.0 wallets
ColossusCoin2.0 Version 1.2.0 has been released
ColossusCoin2 Version 1.2.0 comes with a the change of Multisend GUI which replaces the CV2 for Charity function. Multisend allows you to send up to 100% of your Stake to multiple addresses of your choosing. A small fix to the Hashsettings has been added.

MultiSend RPC calls

multisend <command>
What is MultiSend?
MultiSend is a rebuild of what used to be called Stake For Charity (s4c)
MultiSend allows a user to automatically send a percent of their stake reward to as many addresses as you would like
The MultiSend transaction is sent when the staked coins mature
The only current restriction is that you cannot choose to send more than 100% of your stake using MultiSend

Windows Wallet (MediaFire):

Alternative Download Link:!ygg1mQDT!RnkS591SNrdFQqn7apcOe_NnS5HxIiiIqUKn5fo77Tg

Mac Wallet (MediaFire):

Alternative Download Link:!X0pyhLBB!BmICvGmQCbANgrNEUWEHOiQ8NhrfzXRo-iNuOIhXNUs



Swapping Your ColossusCoins V1 (COL) to ColossusCoins V2 (CV2)

Please switch to using ColossusCoin2.0 (CV2)

Swap- over timeframe:

In the first phase the swap over will happen via a web based convertion form off exchanges (Coin Swap Form)
Please provide your ColossusCoin V1 (COL) private keys, new Colossuscoin V2 (CV2) Wallet Address and Email address for this purpose.

Coin Swap Form:




About (old) ColossuscoinV1 (COL)

Colossuscoin feature is that it uses Proof of Work/ Proof of Stake scheme (hybrid design). Colossuscoin is in 100% in PoS Stage.
Colossuscoin uses proof-of-stake algorithm and the Colossuscoin network is scheduled to produce approx 550 billion currency units.

Here are some facts about ColossuscoinV1 (COL)

  • Approx 313 billion coins in circulation with a maximum float of 550 Billion through POS.
  • Huge overhead for big POS rewards.
  • Proof of Stake 0.5%, 15 days/30 Max Weight
  • TX Fee = 0.1% Col per transaction
  • RPC Port =12543
  • P2P Port = 12454
  • 25 Second Blocks
  • Retarget every block
  • 70 Confirms per block
  • 4 Confirms per TX
  • Long-Term Energy-Efficient Crypto-Currency
  • Windows-qt Upnp Enabled.

About Proof of Stake

All coins in the Colossuscoin network collect coin age. Your stake is calculated from this coinage, measured by last transaction, and multiplied with the amount of coin (time * coins).  When you keep coins for 15 days minimum age, they are old enough to start the minting process and you can mint 0.5% of your input. If you transfer coins into your Colossuscoin Wallet, it will also take at least the minimum age of 15 days for them to produce Stake. The maximum age a coin can have is 30 days, after this the coin does not age further. When a block is minted, your new coins will be unspendable for a period of 70 blocks. Once your CPU computes the Stake it will release it out of Stake and you will gain Interest on that full amount. You can check your stake amount with command line getinfo (help>debug window>console).
Colossuscoin Stake Age: 15 Min Days /30 Max Days/ 0.5% Staking-Reward.

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Colossuscoin Block Explorer

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Fund Colossuscoin2

We are now accepting donations towards the Colossuscoin2 Development and Web Fund:

Bitcoin Project Donation Address: 11VgchKiUA3q8Xo2aU7hkSKmbLb89jkoB (BTC Address Ledger)
Litecoin Project Donation Address: LfPyWWwNKybcAbzPL4bseGzTbHvUd5KinR (LTC Address Ledger)
Colossuscoin2.0 [CV2] Development Fund Donation Address: CefJf3vFUWQULnwJf7Afm1LASMP6TmRrkV (CV2 Address Ledger)