Colossuscoin2.0 has been launched successful on February 08, 2015! Fair Launch, no ICO/IPO!
Colossuscoin announced the planned release of ColossusCoin2.0 9 days before the release on January 30, 2015.

October 14, 2015 Feature update for CV2
New Update:
Please update your Colossuscoin2.0 wallets
ColossusCoin2.0 Version 1.2.0 has been released
ColossusCoin2 Version 1.2.0 comes with a the change of Multisend GUI which replaces the CV2 for Charity function. Multisend allows you to send up to 100% of your Stake to multiple addresses of your choosing. A small fix to the Hashsettings has been added.

MultiSend RPC calls

multisend <command>
What is MultiSend?
MultiSend is a rebuild of what used to be called Stake For Charity (s4c)
MultiSend allows a user to automatically send a percent of their stake reward to as many addresses as you would like
The MultiSend transaction is sent when the staked coins mature
The only current restriction is that you cannot choose to send more than 100% of your stake using MultiSend

Windows Wallet (MediaFire):

Alternative Download Link:!ygg1mQDT!RnkS591SNrdFQqn7apcOe_NnS5HxIiiIqUKn5fo77Tg

Mac Wallet (MediaFire):

Alternative Download Link:!X0pyhLBB!BmICvGmQCbANgrNEUWEHOiQ8NhrfzXRo-iNuOIhXNUs

/Scource Code:
The source code is available at GitHub:

Complete List of ColossusCoin2 RPC Calls:

addmultisigaddress <nrequired> <'["key","key"]'> [account]
addnode <node> <add|remove|onetry>
addredeemscript <redeemScript> [account]
backupwallet <destination>
cccustomchange <address>
ccreturnchange <true|false>
ccselect <Output Hash> <Output Index>
ccsend <ColossusCoin2 Address> <amount>
createrawtransaction [{"txid":txid,"vout":n},...] {address:amount,...}
decoderawtransaction <hex string>
decodescript <hex string>
delete <address>
dumpprivkey <ColossusCoin2address>
dumpwallet <filename>
encryptwallet <passphrase>
getaccount <ColossusCoin2address>
getaccountaddress <account>
getaddednodeinfo <dns> [node]
getaddressesbyaccount <account>
getbalance [account] [minconf=1]
getblock <hash> [txinfo]
getblock <number> [txinfo]
getblockhash <index>
getblocktemplate [params]
getconfs <txid>
getmoneysupply [height]
getnewaddress [account]
getnewpubkey [account]
getrawtransaction <txid> [verbose=0]
getreceivedbyaccount <account> [minconf=1]
getreceivedbyaddress <ColossusCoin2address> [minconf=1]
getstaketx <txid>
getsubsidy [nTarget]
gettransaction <txid>
getwork [data]
getworkex [data, coinbase]
hashsettings <drift/interval><seconds>
help [command]
importprivkey <ColossusCoin2privkey> [label]
importwallet <filename>
keypoolrefill [new-size]
listaccounts [minconf=1]
listreceivedbyaccount [minconf=1] [includeempty=false]
listreceivedbyaddress [minconf=1] [includeempty=false]
listsinceblock [blockhash] [target-confirmations]
listtransactions [account] [count=10] [from=0]
listunspent [minconf=1] [maxconf=9999999] ["address",...]
makekeypair [prefix]
move <fromaccount> <toaccount> <amount> [minconf=1] [comment]
multisend <command>
rescanfromblock <block height>
reservebalance [<reserve> [amount]]
sendalert <message> <privatekey> <minver> <maxver> <priority> <id> [cancelupto]
sendfrom <fromaccount> <toColossusCoin2address> <amount> [minconf=1] [comment] [comment-to]
sendmany <fromaccount> {address:amount,...} [minconf=1] [comment]
sendrawtransaction <hex string>
sendtoaddress <ColossusCoin2address> <amount> [comment] [comment-to]
setaccount <ColossusCoin2address> <account>
setstakesplitthreshold <1 - 999,999>
settxfee <amount>
signmessage <ColossusCoin2address> <message>
signrawtransaction <hex string> [{"txid":txid,"vout":n,"scriptPubKey":hex},...] [<privatekey1>,...] [sighashtype="ALL"]
stakeforcharity <ColossusCoin2 address> <percent>
stop <detach>
submitblock <hex data> [optional-params-obj]
validateaddress <ColossusCoin2address>
validatepubkey <ColossusCoin2pubkey>
verifymessage <ColossusCoin2address> <signature> <message>

Swapping Your ColossusCoins V1 (COL) to ColossusCoins V2 (CV2)

Please switch to using ColossusCoin2.0 (CV2)

Swap- over timeframe:

In the first phase the swap over will happen via a web based convertion form off exchanges (Coin Swap Form)
Please provide your ColossusCoin V1 (COL) private keys, new Colossuscoin V2 (CV2) Wallet Address and Email address for this purpose.

Coin Swap Form:

Swapping will be open for 4month as of 26th September, 2015 till 26th December, 2015   26th of January , 2016.

The Colossuscoin/2 dev team have decided to extend the swap till 26th of January , 2016.
This will be the last day and final date for swapping. PLEASE SWAP ASAP!
Thats a very fair and long swap over time frame of 4 month in total

Please swap as soon as possible!

There is a certain amount of time (a deadline) for swapping your ColossusCoin (COL) to ColossusCoin2.0 (CV2):

  • After 4 month and whatever is left over will be distributed through BOINC community-based open-source project.  (reserve 10% for the development fund).

By swapping off the exchanges, all holders must have a Colossuscoin2.0 wallet and have been active within the swap period. The Coins within peoples wallets creating a much larger network of nodes. By destroying the Col1.0 coins being swapped over, we are directly reducing the amount of coins in circulation.

Note: In order to swap over your coins, you must have your own ColossusCoin2.0 wallet.
Please download the newest Colossuscoin2.0 (CV2) Wallet on

Full transaction record of coins swapped over
Below are full transaction records of the coins swapped over.

Information on how to dump your ColossuscoinV1 (COL) private key:
1.) From Menu, click Help > Debug Window
2.) Click on Console
3.) dumpprivkey <YOURADDRESS>
4.) replace youraddress with your colossuscoin-address

Colossuscoins are ‘stored’ in something called colossuscoin addresses - they look something like this: 26sujaFM9YUMLk87pXYu3W5FZJZwLaFuEn. There are two parts to a colossuscoin address – the public key (commonly just called the address) and the private key – the important part that lets you spend the colossuscoins on it’s corresponding public key.

>> From Menu, click "Receive coins", there you find your colossuscoin address <YOURADDRESS> (puplic key)

- The ColossusCoin2.0 Development Team

/The Specs
Proof of Work/Proof of Stake Hybrid transitioning into Proof of Stake only
Hashing Algorithm: X13
Blocktime: 120 seconds Blocktime

Proof of Work
- 19.1 Billion per Block the first Block
= Approx. 15.8 billion were already both mined and staked by Colossuscoin (COL) holders (1/20 coin split)

Proof of Stake reward
- POW 1000 Coins per Block for 10,080 Blocks (10 days)
- POW will also generate fees of 20 Coins per block
- After approx. 5000 Blocks POS will start and estimated at 60% POS and 40% POW.

  • Minimum Stake age is 1 week
  • Block Time is 2 minutes
  • Reward is 5000 Coins per Block
  • The supply grows at approximately 6.5% per year but rewards smaller Blocks = The proof of stake rate of interest is about 6.5% per year.
  • 20 Coin Fee on transactions is also part of the Block reward on top of the 5000 Coins per Block
  • It is to allow for higher rewards at lower inflation per year.

/Coin Control
Coin control lets you view your transactions and the amount of Coins in each Block you have along with it's confirmations.
You can enable it by going into "settings" then "options" and under the "display" tab, choose "display Coin control" and apply the changes.

Wallet Features
- Multisend
- Coin Control
- Block explorer
- Statistics
- IRC chat
- Use of minimal coinage (enable in "options" and under the "display" tab)
- Links to all relevant resources

New features

RPC calls (command line help items)

getmoneysupply (nHeight)  - view the money supply by blockheight
moneysupply - view money supply growth information.
setstakesplitthreshold -  set your stake split threshold and gain more stake
getstakesplitthreshold -  view your threshold limit
addnode - add nodes on the command line
getaddednodeinfo - information about added nodes
rescanfromblock (nheight)  - rescan backups from a certain height
deleteaddress - delete old addresses
multisend - allows a user to automatically send a percent of their stake reward to as many addresses as you would like

Bug fixes and improvements

Gui Features for Multisend
Checkwallet and Repairwallet added to tools along with orphan removal
Added blocks by weight to coin control
Better stake estimation
Fix of volume in statistics to read as accurate money supply

Colossuscoin managed node crowd funding:

Help building Colossuscoin2.0 node with your donation.
Funding node starts with 50 shares. One share is $1 worth. You can choose an amount of shares that you want to buy to support building Colossuscoin2.0 node.

Special thanks to the BitNodes-team


Forums (Mod)

New Colossuscoin2.0 CV2 Bitcointalk-Thread:

(OLD) Colossuscoin COL1.5 Bitcointalk-Thread:

/Social Media

Facebook (Mod)
Twitter  |

Colossuscoin was founded on 22 August 2013 and is a decentralized, open-source peer-to-peer (P2P) energy-efficient Internet currency that enablesfast instant payments to anyone in the world with almost no fees. It runs off the popular scrypt protocol which gives it unmatched stability and easy accessibility. Its design is public, nobody owns or controls Colossuscoin and everyone can take part.
The new Colossucoin2.0 blockchain will have 19.1 Billion premined coins in the first block (of which approx. 15.8 Billion were already both mined and staked by Colossuscoin (COL) holders (1/20 coin split) equaling over 313.3 Billion ColossuscoinV1(COL) to date)
Approx. 15.8 Billion Colossuscoins2.0 (CV2) will be reserved for a full swap over, this corresponds to approx. 313.5 billion total Colossuscoin (COL) supply (20:1 Colossuscoin-Colossucoin2.0 ratio)
3.3 Billion Colossuscoins2.0 extra are created and will be added to the Development Fund for the Swapover, for future costs, bounties, future projects and Colossuscoin2.0 development.
Crestington and Sudo23 will be managing the fund for this and we believe this is benenficial to everyone in the community.
To start the Development Fund would only be accessible by Sudo23 and Crestington with multiple layers of security but we plan on creating an online wallet with Multi-Authentication for access, and Multi-Sig for transaction approval.
Unswapped coins:
All excess ColossusCoin2.0 unclaimed coins will be distributed through BOINC community-based open-source project.  (reserve 10% for the development fund).
Transparency: The Community will be able to check/track an open ledger of the swapped coins. The Foundation will maintain an open ledger for all its transactions and an open ledger of the premine, 100% transparent. We will be publishing a transparent budget for all payments via blockchains explorers.
As mentioned before, Transparency is our priority.
Premine Fund Wallet Address (reserved for Swapover and Reimbursement of Lost Coins) CbvnXFrAmzSZnyBuqxmUA6uDFmB1Rb1eFj
Block Explorer:
More info will come soon.

Bounties are paid with the Foundation's funds:
Android Wallet:   [.....] CV2
Games:             [.....] CV2

Exchanges for Colossuscoin2.0:


CV2 - LTC market on

alcurex logo

CV2 - BTC market on
ColossusCoin2 [CV2] is listed:
ColossusCoin2 Dice:

cv2 info

Colossuscoin faucet, get free CV2!

Colossus Coin V2 faucet:

[Giveaway] Getting 2000 ColossusCoin2.0 CV2 for free! (for new registered users)

Colossuscoin has great plans for the future of Cryptocurrency.
Below are a few of the ideas which have been raised for upcoming releases. 
List of Projects
- Swapover (reverse 1-for-20 coin split)
- Built-in API to connect to exchanges
- Multi-Sig Development Fund and Android Wallet
- Multi-Factor Authentication for Wallets

/Block Explorer
Colossuscoin Block Explorer:

ColossusCoin2 has been added to BlockExperts - A Block Explorer Provider
Colossuscoin2 Block Explorer
Analyze detailed information about Colossuscoin2 blocks and transactions.
ColossusCoin2 Block explorer is online :

ColossuscoinV2 has been added to block explorers!

Colossuscoin2.0 Block Explorer with Richlist and Charts

The Colossuscoin/V2 team consists of experienced members of the cryptocoin community with skills ranging from coin development to marketing and website development. The team is committed to seeing Colossuscoin/V2 succeed and will work hard to ensure this happens.



/Conf File
Here is a guide to setting up a .conf file if you need it.

    Go to Control Panel
    In the Search box, type Folder
    Click "Folder Options"
    Click the tab that says View
    Make sure there is no check in the box for "Hide file extensions for known file types" (de-select this option and click OK)
    Exit Control Panel

    On Windows 8, right-click the start button and select "Run"
    (for Windows 7, left-click the start button and type "run" into "Search Programs and Files", then click Run at the top of the list)
    In "Run", type %appdata% and press Enter
    You should see the folder located at Appdata/Roaming
    Open the ColossusCoin2 folder
    Right-click and Create New File - create a new Text document
    Open the document with Notepad
    Paste the following into the file: (but put a username and password instead of "username" and "password)


    Save the file.
    Re-name the document ColossusCoin2.conf (filetype .conf, not .txt)
    Restart your ColossusCoin2 wallet.

Addnodes for your ColossusCoin2.0 Client

If you cannot sync, please download the newest ColossusCoin2.conf file here: ColossusCoin2.conf and follow the instructions below:
1. Back up wallet.dat file and save it somewhere else than in the ColossusCoin2 folder!
2. Delete ColossusCoin2.conf in your AppData\Roaming\Colossuscoin2 Folder
3. Replace the ColossusCoin2.conf file



4. Start client
5. If it gets stuck: close ColossusCoin2 client, reopen client and continue to sync

Change your rpcuser and rpcpassword after downloading ColossusCoin2.conf file 

/Mining Pools

There is no Proof-of-Work its all PoS now. PoW mining is not possible anymore.

/Reimbursement of Lost Coins
Reimbursement of all previously lost coins will happen throughout the swap and up to the cut-off date. The cut-off for the swap to the new coin will be finished after 3 months with a further 1 month to process any outstanding payments. After the 4 months the remaining coins become part of the Development and Marketing Fund managed by the Foundation. If after that time you still have outstanding coins to be recovered the foundation will do it's best to accomodate on a case by case basis.
In order to be eligiable for reimbursement you must be able to prove beyond reasonable doubt that your coins have in fact been lost.

/How the swap will work
We will have an Coin Swap Form in place in which you send your private keys from your wallet and will recieve the new coins to the new ColossusCoin2.0 wallet address.
You will not be able to send old coins to the new wallet as they are 2 different coins.

  • The Colossuscoin Foundation helping to advance and promote Colossuscoin adoption.
  • We are working hard behind the scenes improving all areas of the foundation, a bright future lays before us, full of potential and challenges.


  • Colossuscointalk and its members work together to create a strengthened platform and improved Colossuscoin Foundation on

Q: Why should I exchange ColossusCoinV1 (COL) to Colossuscoin v2.0 (CV2)?

A: Due to the massive size of the main wallet ColossusCoin COL v1 (the old one) has multiple errors in the code, several hardforks and wallet syncing issues (peers are not to be able to connect to each other on the network). The main issue with it is the messaging system, low fees, fast stake and long minimum Prooof of Stake so to just change all of that and keep with the near 1 GB Blockchain just wouldn't make sense. The Colossuscoin COL V1 Block Chain is currently not moving and Col1.52 blockchain is stuck . The original ColossusCoin has experienced technical issues as described in detail here and here.
There are also several bugs and the Colossuscoin/V2-team could not identify the solution to such as transactions getting rejected and being hard to recover as well as Stake before Sync issues and extremely slow Block download times. So thats why the Colossuscoin/V2 team have decided to build a new blockchain (Colossuscoin2) and do a full swap for a new Blockchain (20:1 Colossuscoin-Colossucoin2.0 ratio). The ColossusCoin2.0 Blockchain is already running smoothly, very well and the ColossusCoin/V2 Development Team focus on improving the working CV2 blockchain.

Q: Do you have interest?

A: Yes. Colossuscoin2 Proof of Stake minting increases supply at a rate up to 6.5% per year. The minting reward is fair for all users. There are currently approximately 20.2 billion Colossuscoin2 in circulation. When the entire money supply grows due to the minting process, all Colossuscoin2 holders who participate in minting maintain their relative share of the network.  PoS verifies users’ coins to secure the network and process transactions. This ensures that transactions are speedy and this ensures decentralization, as anyone holding some of the currency is part of network. The only way for new Colossuscoin2 to be created is through staking by users, for which they will receive the 6.5%, decentralized, compound interest yearly.

Donation Address:
Colossuscoin2.0 [CV2] Development Fund Donation Address: CefJf3vFUWQULnwJf7Afm1LASMP6TmRrkV

Terms of Service:

note: ColossusCoin has been live since 22 August 2013. The original ColossusCoin Version 1 thread was here (August 22, 2013 - February 28, 2014), and here (February 28, 2014 - now). The original ColossusCoin has experienced technical issues as described in detail here and here