Swaps are triple verified using both blockchain and the explorer before sending or rejecting a swap, if you disagree with a result of one of your swaps, please contact us.

Wilful deception will result in disqualifying you to the Coin Swap Program and will disqualify you to exchange COL to CV2!

Valid Colossuscoin V1 COL Block Explorer is:  https://coinplorer.com/COL Please check your COL Balance on https://coinplorer.com/COL

Swap reports (open ledger of the swapped coins): See on Colossuscointalk.org

Note: In order to swap over your coins, you must have your own ColossusCoin2.0 wallet.
Please download the newest Colossuscoin2.0 (CV2) Wallet on https://colossuscoin.org/index.php/windows-client

Full transaction record of coins swapped over
Below are full transaction records of the coins swapped over.

Information on how to dump your ColossuscoinV1 (COL) private key:
1.) From Menu, click Help > Debug Window
2.) Click on Console
3.) dumpprivkey <YOURADDRESS>
4.) replace youraddress with your colossuscoin-address

From Menu, click "Receive coins", there you find your colossuscoin address <YOURADDRESS> (puplic key)

(*Required information)

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Colossuscoin V1 (COL) Private Key [closed]*
Colossuscoin V2 (CV2) Wallet Address (return coin address - NOT PRIV KEY) [closed]*
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