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An exchange offering the possibility to trade in a large selection of alternative cryptocurrencies.


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The CV2 VS BTC Market is now available for trading on


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A cryptocurrencies exchange rates and conversion tool. You can easily convert one crypto-currency into another or to USD, Euro etc. Real time rates are synchronized with 11 online cryptocurrencies exchanges.


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We are now accepting donations towards the Colossuscoin2 Development and Web Fund:

Bitcoin Project Donation Address: 18MXDWxe9Z6dEW5XV78CRomZBdiTEpeC2H (BTC Address Ledger)
Litecoin Project Donation Address: LRo8sKP8eKbBiqA71hNzVqdicLZRBQptj7 (LTC Address Ledger)
Colossuscoin2.0 [CV2] Development Fund Donation Address: CbosaSFpp8AMvoB9wXMeaXuBc1yNSFz3Ba (CV2 Address Ledger)