Download ColossusCoinXT (COLX) Wallet:

WIN (32bit|64bit): MacOS: Linux (32bit|64bit):


 Always make secure encrypted copies of the wallet.dat file. This provides protection from wallet-stealing

viruses and trojans as well as a sanity check before sending payments.

Never send anyone your wallet.dat file
(present in the Colossuscoin appdata folder)

Since the transactions are irreversible, make sure that you are sending your coins
to the correct address before sending them.

Fund ColossusCoinXT

We are now accepting donations towards the ColossusCoinXT Development and Web Fund:

Bitcoin Project Donation Address: 18MXDWxe9Z6dEW5XV78CRomZBdiTEpeC2H (BTC Address Ledger)
Litecoin Project Donation Address: LRo8sKP8eKbBiqA71hNzVqdicLZRBQptj7 (LTC Address Ledger)
ColossusCoinXT [COLX] Development Fund Donation Address: DTRKys7C48snCsnwjH4DCEjsenRPsXqz2g (COLX Address Ledger)